Transaction management software to help real estate brokers, accountants, agents, keep track of a deal from start to finish


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Skyslope is software for real estate managers, brokerage officers and all real estate professionals, which they use to store, manage and process documents, record and process transactions as well as connect with customers.

How it works

Skyslope helps real estate professionals to streamline transactions and make them transparent and efficient for customers.

Features and tools

Broker dashboard

It is meant to enable professionals to have eyes on all the ongoing transactions. It is well equipped with documents and forms templates and other tools like eSignature.

Skylopes forms

These enable the real estate brokers and agents to complete contracts in a professional and easy way. They are simple to use and access making transactions faster. They are automated and automatically uploaded filled with MSL data.

The forms are an important aspect of this transaction management platform. They provide the real estate professionals a space to create templates that help them track all activities by staying organized. It facilitates that agents and brokers stay connected and work with functional efficient tools.

The latest update for forms by skyslope is the ability to archive forms.

Skylope Digisign

The software eliminates cumbersome paperwork by providing the digisign option, which real estate professionals use to conveniently complete deals. It is secure and quick compared to traditional methods where a meet up has to be scheduled, the actual meet up take place, and a lot of movement and travelling to and from.

The digisign has additional useful features for example envelops. It is secure to use too.

Skylope SKYTC

It helps in handling the paperwork therefore eases the burden of the same for real estate officers. This also improves the quality of customer service because customers are attended to on time.

Share docs

It is among the advancements and improvements by skyslope. Download all feature is available for documents on skyslope. It helps the users to share documents with others outside skyslope. The presence of Share Docs also means that you can create a link to share with others.

Document sorting options

There are features available to brokers and auditors for example document sorting and reviewing options like the sort by Oldest Pending Document feature.

Managing checklists

This is available for brokers and auditors from different offices. Administrators use it to copy checklists from any office.


Skyslope does not offer a free version or a free trial period. Each feature has its specific price so the cost depends on the type and number of features you want to utilize.


  • Convenient and organized as users can store and access documents in one place.
  • Customizing tools enables companies to use company colours and designs in the transactions they carry out
  • Quick customer care response and assistance
  • Ability to use it in conjunction with other programs.
  • Clear record of all contracts
  • Presence of search bar enables quick access to files


  • Not simple to use for new users
  • Does not work or apply for some kinds of listings and transactions
  • Moving documents from a previous transaction to a current one can be difficult.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Document Management
  2. Contract Management
  3. Transaction Management

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. E-Signature Capabilities
  2. Communication Tools
  3. Contact Management
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